Tips for Creating Infographics

infographicFor one of my public relations classes we were instructed to research an issue and create an infographic. Infographics are a valuable way to share information with an audience because they are a form of visual communication. Many people will retain information and research better if they can absorb it in a visually appealing manner because it is more memorable. I chose to create an infographic about the dangers of the Internet for teenage users. I focused on privacy issues and the threats posed by strangers online.

Here are a few tips for creating infographics:

  • Narrow down a topic. Make sure to focus on one specific area; there are so many statistics and data out there that it is important to make sure your topic is not too broad.
  • Keep it simple. The audience won’t be able to focus on the important facts if the infographic is too busy or distracting. Make sure to clearly separate different ideas (subheads are helpful).
  • Make sure font and colors are consistent. This will help provide clarity and draw the eye to the most important aspects of the infographic.
  • Give a call to action. Simply stating the information won’t bring change; it is important to encourage the audience to actually do something with the information you gave them through the infographic.
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